Monday, January 10

Taylor Swift: Every Day is a Fairytale

As I promised, I read the book Taylor Swift every day is a fairytale, by Liv Spencer. It is by far the most complete book about Taylor I have read in my life, and believe me, that is a lot to say. If you are a fan, have been beside her forever, or just want to know who she is, I completely recommend this book.

You always get information in pieces; one quote in one magazine, a line in a TV show, a small announcement in the news. But with Every day is a fairytale all those lose strings will tie together, to help understand how Taylor got where she is now. Everything you need to know about my favorite young star is there, organized in chronological order for everyone to keep up.

Not only is there information about Taylor herself, but the book presents background info about things that made Taylor reach her goals, like the story of country music in Nashville and things about her high school.

It's organized in 13 chapters (yay!), and the ones I like the most are 2 called "Swift Notes." Everything there is to know about each song in Taylor Swift and Fearless is there, like the real message, the person who they are about, and a decoder of the secret messages in the songs. I really enjoyed reading about the songs I have heard for so long, and even for a big fan like me, there were lots of surprises!

I would never had known so many things about the songs, videos, statistics and moments that made Taylor be who she is, and well, a very useful tool were all the pictures, many I had NEVER seen before. Not only the pictures helped, but also the great amount of quotes from Taylor herself and from magazines, her family, and friends. Every day is a fairytale didn't cut back in something else; comedy. Jokes here and there made it all the more interesting than it already is to learn all this stuff about Swifty. Every time there was something I had no idea about, I took notes in mi iPod and later looked at the videos, listened to the songs again, or searching for pictures, each time discovering new things!

At the end, to summarize and organize just so many things Taylor has gone through, from her development deal with recording company RCA in early 2004, all the way up to her achievements in 2010, is a timeline, month by month year by year laying out all the information. It was a great ending, and something I will surely use as an "encyclopedia" to find out anything I need to know!

Between all the great Taylor quotes was one that really caught my attention; something I had never heard her say but I think appropriately describes the success in Taylor's life:
"...Thank you for convincing me that fairytale endings... Well, they happen sometimes."

I just wanted all of you to know how much I enjoyed reading this book, because I hope many, many people have the same experience I did, especially those millions of fans that I know are out there dying to find out more. Well, I got the answer. Taylor Swift: Every Day is a Fairytale.