Monday, November 22

Taylor Swift: Every Day is a Fairytale

Hey guys! I'm reading this new book called Taylor Swift: Every Day is a Fairytale, and it just looks so good! I just started it, but I will probably be posting once in a while some information and things in the book, because it looks pretty cool!! It even has information about each and every song, and what they really mean! I can't wait to read more of it, and share it with you! :D

"Back to December" Live at the AMA's

Look at Taylor's AMAZING performance in the 2010 American Music Awards! I think she looks stunning, and she sung really beautifully!

Sunday, October 24


After a long wait, finally Speak Now will be out by midnight today. Be sure to buy it!! Or if you want the download link for the whole album ask me in the c-box :P

Wednesday, September 22

Speak Now Track Listing

Here is the names of all the songs in the Speak Now album, released on October 25. Also, expect about 5 more songs from the special edition only available in Target.

1. Mine

2. Sparks Fly

3. Back to December

4. Speak Now

5. Dear John

6. Mean

7. The Story of Us

8. Never Grow Up

9. Enchanted

10. Better Than Revenge

11. Innocent

12. Haunted

13. Last Kiss

14. Long Live

Monday, September 13

Unexpected Performance

Yesterday at the Video Music Awards, Taylor made an unexpected performance in response to the Kanye incident a year ago. Personally, I think it was amazing and she sang and looked beautiful, but judge it yourself! :D

Saturday, August 28

The Video for "Mine"

IF ANYONE WANTS TO DOWNLOAD THE VIDEO IN HQ FOR IPOD OR PC COMMENT IN THE C-BOX AND ILL BE HAPPY TO GIVE IT TO YOU!! :D The video for Taylor's new single, Mine, is out now. I personally think it's one of the best videos I've seen in my life. Watch it below, and comment what you think! :P

Wednesday, August 4

New Single "Mine" is Out Already!!!

I can't believe it, but Taylor's new single, "Mine," is out now, 12 days before it was expected to! I haven't' downloaded yet, but I'm sure I will any time now! Don't miss this opportunity and download this song on iTunes now!

Wednesday, July 21

Speak Now!

Here is the live chat! I missed it, but then I watched the recorded version! Watch it and don't forget to tell me what you think in the comment section or the chat box.
Live Videos by Ustream

Did you finish watching it? I'm guessing if you did you are as excited as I am for two major reasons: the new single and the new album.

The new single, "Speak Now," comes out October 25, 2010 all over the world. The single, "Mine," will be out in about a month, August 16th!! Also, the video for "Mine" was shot at the beginning of June, and in it Taylor wore a wedding dress.

If you want more info, go to, in where you can also pre-order the album starting August 20! Can't Wait! :D

Sunday, July 18

Live Chat Tuesday

Hey! I haven't been posting in a while and I'm sorry, but I have been on vacations and there hasn't been any real important news until now.

Taylor will be having a live chat on Tuesday at 4 p.m. CDT. She will be answering questions about her new and third album. Here is what had to say about it:


To find out what time 4pm CDT is in your city/country, please visit this link.


Yes, Taylor will be giving details about the upcoming release of her third studio album.


You will be able to ask Taylor questions via the live Ustream feed using your Facebook or Twitter account, or directly into the chat box. Taylor will not able to to field all questions, but you never know, your question might get chosen!


You can only submit questions during the webchat.


You can watch the webchat at the following websites:,,, It will be broadcast through a video player which anyone in the world can watch live.

I'm expecting to be able to post the live chat here also so that you can watch it from my website via Ustream. See ya on Tuesday! :D

Thursday, June 24


Hey! Sorry to everyone for not posting in such a long time, but I have two reasons for this. First, I'm in vacations, and second, it seems like Taylor's team and Taylor herself are too. There has not been any news about her for about a week, and her twitter account is also inactive ever since the 13-hour meet and greet. The only new thing I know about her is she was spotted in the Bahamas wearing a bikini. I think she deserves to have her vacations, but I promise when there is anthing new worth saying I will be there to report it! For now, follow Taylor's advice and enjoy your OWN vacation!! :D

Wednesday, June 16

Teen Choice Awards

Taylor has been nominated for Favorite Female Artist and Favorite Female Country Artist at the 2010 Teen Choice Awards! The awards will air on FOX at 8pm ET/PT on Monday, August 9. Visit to vote now for Taylor!

Don't forget to vote for her! And there is also another news: Taylor has another iPod Touch/iPhone app. It let's you change to five different way some specific Taylor songs. I don't have an iPod, so I don't know how exactly it works, but don't forget to click here and download to try it out yourself! :D

Tuesday, June 15

Meet and Greet Recap

Hi again! I told you I would post a video of the meet and greet if I found one, and I did! Here is one that has part of Taylor did, with a little news! Check it out!

Oh and BTW, Taylor said she would do 13 hours, but when she noticed it wouldn't be enough time, she stayed until 11, and completed 15 hours with her fans! Now, nothing can change my opinion about Taylor! She is A-W-E-S-O-M-E :D

Thanks to for uploading the video!

Sunday, June 13

13-Hour Meet-and-Greet Live

Hey guys! Today is June 13! What does that mean? That Taylor will be 13 hours straight signing autographs at a free meet and greet! If you happen to be in my website from 8 am to 9 pm CDT, check out the live webcast below! If not, I promise I will post the recorded video after tomorrow. Bye! :D

Online TV Shows by Ustream

Wednesday, June 9

Marie Claire

Hi! Long time no post sorry! This was just to tell you about the Marie Claire photo shoot, and the appearance of Taylor on the cover of said magazine. She looks really pretty, and there is a whole article featuring her new "plans." When I know exactly what the article says I will tell you, but for now I have a picture of one of the covers and a inside look on the photo shoot! Enjoy!

Thursday, June 3

More Info About 13

Remeber my past post about Taylor's 13-hour fan activity day? Well, if you don't just scroll down and read it. Anyway, when I wrote it I used all the information I had at hand, but now there is more. It is a lot simpler for you to just read it instead of me writing it all over again, so here you go!! Thanks to for the news! :D

Taylor Swift has BIG plans for this year’s CMA Music Festival -- she announced today that she is going to spend 13 hours meeting as many of her fans as possible!

Taylor will be hosting “Taylor Swift’s 13-Hour Meet & Greet” at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena, in the heart of CMA Music Festival activities, on June 13th. The event will run from 8:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m.

Taylor will kick off the festivities at 8:00 a.m. that day, and will meet as many fans as possible over the course of the 13-hour event. The event will include a short acoustic performance that afternoon shortly after 2 p.m., and will also feature several different fan activities throughout the day. “Taylor Swift’s 13-Hour Meet & Greet” is open to the general public and admission is free.

“My favorite thing about CMA Music Festival has always been getting to spend time with the fans, so this year I wanted to figure out a way to meet as many of them as possible,” Taylor said. “Thirteen is my lucky number, and the 13th is during Music Festival, so I think spending 13 hours that day with my fans is going to be amazing!”

This will be Taylor’s only performance during the CMA Music Festival.

Wednesday, June 2

Taylor Swift's 13-Hour Meet and Greet

Hi!! Well, this next news I am about to tell you makes me both sad and happy. Happy because Taylor will be meeting fans 13 hours straight, singing to them, and doing various fan activities for free, and sad because I am about 1,000,000 miles away from where it will happen.

Anyway, you might be close, so I will tell you also. On Sunday, June 13, 2010, Taylor will be spending from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM In Nashville, Tennessee, in the Bridgestone Arena with her fans.

If you want more details, click here. And if you live close to Nashville, you should definitely go to this wonderful event! =)

Tuesday, June 1

A Hug From Taylor Swift Final Challenge

Hi!! Long time no see! Well, as the title states it, I leave to you here the video of the last challenge of A Hug From Taylor Swift. This guys worked really hard for it, and I think they deserved that hug very much! You probably had already seen the challenge, but this is a video with some inside and extra information, recorded from the other side of the challenge. Enjoy!

Sunday, May 30

Being a Good BFF

Recently, Taylor's friend Demi Lovato started dating Camp Rock 2 co-star Joe Jonas. After only 2 months of going out, Joe broke of with Demi. As you might remember, this same thing happened to Taylor about two years ago, and she had a hard passing that stage.

That is why, now, when one of her friend's is suffering through the same thing, she was there for her. Sources say that she texted Demi, saying that "everything happens for a reason, and it will only make her stronger. She told Demi if she ever needed anything, to just ask."

Here is a video made by ClevverTV that explains what happened:

Tuesday, May 25

Brooks and Dunn Concert

Hey! Remember I had told you about the Brooks and Dunn concert tribute, and how Taylor was going to sing in it to remember the duo? Well, it was yesterday, and I have the video of it! She sang a very pretty song written by Brooks and Dunn, called Ain't Nothing 'Bout You in the concert The Last Rodeo. Her voice sounded really nice, and she looked as pretty as always. =)

If you want to watch the video, just play it below! It will be worth it!

Thursday, May 20

"Taylor Makes History With BMI Pop Song of the Year Award"

Hey!! Remember the news I told you about the award that Taylor will win when she is inducted into the sonwriter's Hall of Fame? Well, here is a video with information about it!

Also, here I leave you an article with information you might find interesting, from
Taylor Swift won top honors at last night’s BMI Pop Awards in Los Angeles, taking home the prestigious Song of the Year award for her multi-genre international #1 smash “Love Story.”

20-year old Taylor is the youngest songwriter in history to win this honor, and the first country winner in more than a decade. The most recent country songwriters honored with this award were Stephanie Bentley for “Breathe” in 2000, Shania Twain for “You’re Still The One” in 1998, and Dolly Parton in 1993 for “I Will Always Love You.”

“Love Story,” which Taylor wrote by herself, was honored for receiving more radio airplay in the past year than any other pop song. “Love Story” earned BMI’s Country Song of the Year honors in 2009, and Taylor also won BMI’s Country Song of the Year in 2008, for “Teardrops On My Guitar.” That year she became the youngest songwriter in any genre to win the honor, and Taylor is the first female songwriter in history to win back-to-back BMI Song of the Year awards, in any genre.

“Love Story,” from Taylor’s 6x-Platinum FEARLESS album, topped Billboard’s Country, Pop and A/C charts in the US, and became a global sensation, reaching #1 in countries including the UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore and New Zealand. “Love Story” is also the most downloaded country single in US history.

Monday, May 17

From Awards to Applications

Sorry for not posting in so long, I've been very busy! There are lots of new stuff I have to talk to you about.

First, Taylor is going to recieve the Hal David Starlight Award at the 2010 Songwriters Hall of Fame Awards dinner on Thursday, June 17 at the New York Marriott Marquis Hotel. It is meant for artists who are makinga great impact on the music industry, like Taylor.

Next, Taylor will be a part of a new concert that helps with flood relief and recovery in Nashville, called Nashville Rising on June 22. You can buy tickets here, but I think they are over by now. Other artists will perform in this concert, like Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Martina McBride, Brooks & Dunn, Miley Cyrus and more. It sounds really interesting!

The next thing I want to say is that the second round of the CMT Music Awards started already, so don't forget to click here and vote. Taylor is up for about 5 awards, and she really needs your help! You can only vote once, so be sure to check your votes before submitting!

Also, for those of you who have iPhones or iPod Touch, there is another application for $1.99 download on iTunes that includes Taylor. It's called WorldLenns. I didn't really understand its purpose or even how it works, so I will leave you the information for you to figure out. For more information click here. You can also download it here.
You've been tagged in a photo, now Touch And SpaceTag Taylor's World with her new iphone app, WorldLenns.

WorldLenns opens up the universe of social networking in a way like never before. It's more than an application - it's the doorway to a whole new world of Taylor Swift.

Use WorldLenns everyday to interact with your family and friends and explore the world around you.

Simply download the application from iTunes, come to the event, turn WorldLenns on and then locate and touch each of the Taylor Swift Hearts for a special message from Taylor. Then take a picture, tag a location and leave a tagged picture for Taylor!

There are 5 Worlds to SpaceTag - Taylor Swift, Mood, Food, Shopping and Green.You've been tagged in a photo, now Touch And SpaceTag Taylor's World with her new iphone app, WorldLenns.

WorldLenns opens up the universe of social networking in a way like never before. It's more than an application - it's the doorway to a whole new world of Taylor Swift.

Use WorldLenns everyday to interact with your family and friends and explore the world around you.

Simply download the application from iTunes, come to the event, turn WorldLenns on and then locate and touch each of the Taylor Swift Hearts for a special message from Taylor. Then take a picture, tag a location and leave a tagged picture for Taylor!

There are 5 Worlds to SpaceTag - Taylor Swift, Mood, Food, Shopping and Green.

Well, that's all for now! Good Luck!

Tuesday, May 11

Great News!

First off, I just wanted to say that there is new information that kind of "confirms" that Taylor and Cory Monteith are going out. As you can see in the video above, when the Glee star was interviewed by Ellen DeGeneres, he wasn't very sure what to say. It on was very easy to believe that they are in fact going out, because he only said good things about her and he never exactly denied it. The only thing he said was that they were "just friends."

I personally would love it if they were going out, because I think they are both amazing people, but I'm not sure it is true. Both Taylor and Cory have many things in their schedule, and they have only been seen together once or twice.

The other news I have about Taylor is that she was recently inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. She "will be awarded the Hal David Starlight Award, which highlights young songwriters whom have made a large impact in the music industry writing and recording original songs ("

It will take place on Thursday, June 17 at the 2010 Songwriters Hall of Fame Awards Dinner at the New York City Marriott Marquis hotel. So for those who live near, don't miss it! Congrats again Taylor!

Sunday, May 9

"Taylor Swift's Big Donation"

As stated by E!News Now, Taylor is donating big time to help a very important cause. Taylor had previously mentioned that we should keep Tennessee in our hearts, because a lot of places in Nashville suffered from flooding from the previous storm. Fortunately Taylor's house didn't suffer any damages, but Taylor still won't leave her home alone. She anounced Thursday that she will donate $500,000 dollars to help the victims of the flood.

She also appeared on TV in the flood relief fund during the Vince Gill and Friends telethon (CMT) asking for food relief donations in Nashville. She gave an example by donating the money. The flood killed 20 people in Nashville only, and 30 in other three states. Taylor said: "Nashville is my home and the reason why I get to do what I love. I honestly could not believe what was happening to the city and the people I love so dearly." She also stated that "I have always been proud to be a Nashvillian, but especially now, seeing the love that runs through this city when there are people in crisis. ("

Taylor is very nice by doing this, although it was nothing new. I hope the people are save, and help by donating whatever you can! Every part matters! Watch the E!News video:

Wednesday, May 5

A Little Bit About Everything

As you might have guessed already by the title, this post has no true topic. It is basically about everything that is going on in Taylor's life recently.

I want to start saying that as Taylor herself has stated via Twitter, Tennessee is suffering from a great flood, and it would be great if you would help support it.

Next, Taylor was named one of the 100 most influential people in the world by the Time Magazine. That is why she went to the Time 100 Gala at the Frederick P. Rose Hall at NYC’s Jazz at Lincoln Center this Tuesday. She was wearing a white dress from the Ralph Lauren collection, which her trademark red lipstick. The Gala was hosted by Vogue, and everyone looked like princesses.

Another thing that happened recently was that the official Taylor Swift comic book is being made. Taylor looks exactly as she does in real life, like you can see in the image above. It will have stories about her, and other things not yet revealed.

The last news I come to tell you today is that there is a rumor going on that says that Taylor, Selena Gomez, and Dakota Fanning are going to audition for the same part in a movie. "That's the opportunity (and problem) facing the people producing the upcoming flick The Seven Rays, an adaptation of the book of the same name. They're looking for someone to play a 17-year old girl who finds out that the lady she thought was her mother, actually is not. (DisneyStars)" I think it is a VERY difficult decision, and although I love Taylor and her acting skills, I think I would give the part to Selena. Or maybe, depending on the role, Dakota would be a more fitting actress.

I am really excited to see who ends up being the chosen one. As soon as there is more Taylor news I will be right there to tell you! Bye! :)

Saturday, May 1

Next Step: Covergirl

There is other news I really have to tell you about Taylor, but I have to tell the truth. I am not exactly that excited about it, not because it is not important, but because these types of things are just too common in the Taylor universe. And well, I guessed that if I already got a little bored with them then you might not care that much either. So I decided to tell you that news really fast first and then I will say the one I DO care about.

Here it goes. Taylor just finished shooting her first advertisements for Covergirl, and will represent a new line of luxury products for the brand. The ads are scheduled to debut in January 2011.

“With her fresh beauty and authentic style, Taylor is a wonderful addition to the COVERGIRL family,” said Vince Hudson, General Manager, COVERGIRL Cosmetics. “Through all her success, Taylor remains a grounded and sincere woman who connects with fans everywhere just by being true to who she is. She personifies the iconic image of the brand while representing the next generation of both inner and outer beauty.”

“I am so excited to become the next COVERGIRL,” said Taylor. “I have admired many of the COVERGIRLs since I was a little girl . . . great artists and actresses who are confident and still themselves. It’s like a dream come true to be a part of the future of COVERGIRL” (

The second news, which I personally find a lot more fun, is that there is kind of an application in the Cyber-shot website where you can "take pictures" of Taylor. A window appears when you open the website and Taylor tells you to take pictures. You can take six pictures, of Taylor with three different dresses and three different (but very similar) backgrounds. All the time Taylor is moving and dancing through the window and you move the camera until you want to take the picture and click. The image is saved, and when you are done taking all of them it asks you for your name. If you click get autograph then the picture appears saying "I Heart (insert your name here). Love, Taylor."

I myself thought it was pretty cool, so you might as well go and try it yourself! BTW thanks to Taylor Alison Swift Fans for the information!

Wednesday, April 28

A Hug from Taylor Swift

I am pretty sure you still remember Michael and Ryan, the guys from A Hug from Taylor Swift. Well, their dream has finally come true. Last Monday, when the students at Auburn University were singing the karaoke of You Belong With Me, Taylor appeared in a video saying how she would really like to be there and how she liked that so much.

Then, very randomly, she says "I have an idea!" and walks in through the door with a shirt that reads "A Hug for Michael and Ryan". After they both got their hugs, Taylor announced that she would give them from row seats to any of her concert, and she announced her surprise. Taylor had brought her band with her! So thanks to Michael and Ryan, the whole Auburn University was able to get their own private concert. Taylor blogged "So we might have flown to Alabama for a surprise show today.. One of those unforgettable days. Thank you Auburn!"
It was very nice what she did, and I think it was pretty cool that she made these two boys' dream come true. I wish I would get a private concert from Taylor!

Above you can see the picture of the shirt Taylor made to mimic Ryan and Michael's shirt, and below is a fan-taken picture of the event! Click here to see more, or go to the Auburn University page to see what pictures they took! And don't forget to watch the video of whathappened below!

Monday, April 26

The Sony Commercial!

And finally... the Sony commercial I had been talking about before! Two videos in one day: it can't get any better! :) And I must say, the video is great!

"Demonstrating my fine athletic skills. And more. "

Here is the video I promised you! Sorry for making you wait!

Sunday, April 25

New Video Blog!

As you may already know by now, Taylor likes to post written, photo, and video blog. I personally like video blogs better. Lucky for me, she posted a new one! ... ... ... OK I finished watching it! It was amazing! At the beginning she plays basketball, which is my favorite sport, and then she just continues posting videos of what happened in her life since the last post. Seriously you should go watch it.

This is the commentary that came with the video:
"In this video, my prodigious athletic skills are showcased. Also, there is a Vegas wedding, baking a cake, Easter egg hunting, and one of my favorite parts of our 2-show stay at Staples Center. Song: She Band: Parachute (" So, you heard her! With all those amazing things in just one video, how can one NOT watch it? BTW, I just found out that the song was actually written for Liz, the girl who gets married in Taylor's video!

So, by now you might be asking yourself why you haven't seen the video yet, and might realize it is because I didn't put it! How come? Well, the very intelligent designers of the Taylor Swift website decided to put her videos in a page that is NOT YouTube, making it impossible for me to embed the video. If I somehow manage to illegally download and the upload the video to YouTube and then upload it, or at least to find it in some other source, I promise I will post it. Until then, I will have to give you only the link.

So go on and click here to watch the video! =)

Also, Taylor (or her design team) just recently changed her myspace layout, and it's looking pretty good! Don't forget to check it out!

Thursday, April 22

Taylor Will Appear in a Sony Commercial

I have to say I was really happy when I saw there was a new video about Taylor Swift. It had been a long time since the last time there was something important about Taylor, so that makes me really happy. It is probably because of Big Machine Records's desicion to keep Taylor in a low key until june, when they will promote her third album (yay!).

This new video is actually the behind the scenes of a commecial of SonyElectronics, in which Taylor will be featuring the Sony TX7 Cyber-shot camera, which will be out on Monday, April 26. In the video for the commercial, Taylor talks about Fearless, her next album, and "some of her favorite Sony TX7 features ("

Just FYI, some things about iSweep Panorama mode and the cameras: "Sony makes it easy to capture all your friends in one shot. Even if you have millions. Introducing the new Sony Cyber-shot cameras with iSweep Panorama mode. Just press the shutter and shoot the scene with a sweeping motion. The camera does the rest, capturing the whole scene easily. Beautifully." (

Here is the behind the scenes video! Watch it, and don't forget to comment about your opinion! Hope you like it!

Tuesday, April 20

New Taylor Greeting Cards!

In Taylor's sold out Fearless tour of 2010, the sponsor was a very special company called American Greetings. Today, American Greetings anounced a concert ticket giveaways in 10 cities from the United States. Greeting card enthusiasts and Taylor fans can win or enter the competition by becoming a fan of American Greetings on Facebook."A random drawing of concert tickets and weekly prizes will be given away to support the exclusive partnership between American Greetings and Taylor Swift (" The contest will end on May 31, 2010.

Taylor's cards can help you to tell life and love stories, and they arrived in stores earlier this year. The line of cards really shows the creative style of Taylor, and how authentic her writing resonated with consumers of all ages. The success of the normal greeting cards are now becoming virtual, as new e-cards appear at American Greetings.

The designer at Ameican Greetings Interactive created e-cards to celebrate lovr, featuring music like Love Story and Fearless, and in the way reminding you to be fearless on your way to your next birthday. Right now, only five e-cards are available, and more are being added to the collection and will be coming in some short months.

If you want to check out the new e-cards online, go ahead and click here. Enjoy!

Thursday, April 15

One Less Challenge To Go!

Remember Michael and Ryan of Auburn, Alabama? They are the guys who own A Hug From Taylor Swift. Taylor has been making some challenges for them, and when they complete them, they will both hopefully receive a hug from Taylor. Well, they completed the first challenge a while ago, and yesterday, they completed the second one.

The second challenge was simple; it was to use the number thirteen in a creative way. I liked this challenge because it gave them a wide space to be creative and do whatever they want, and because thirteen is my lucky number! =)

Right now as I write this post I have to tell you that I haven't watched the response to the challenge yet, so I'm as excited as you probably are! So, without further due, this is the video response of Michael and Ryan to Taylor's challenge! Hope you like it! And don't forget to come back and watch the response right here!

Tuesday, April 13

Will Selena and Taylor Share Another Boyfriend?

First off, today is my birthday! I don't know if you noticed but it's the 13th today! That is part of why 13 is my lucky number also. I can't believe we were both born on a thirteenth! Ok so, back to reality.

Sorry I haven't posted in a while; there is not much different from what I said before, just the usual praises and good news about Taylor's growing career. Anyways, here is some news.

It is rumored, as I have said before, that Taylor and Cory Monteith, from the hit TV show Glee, were dating. Because Cory and Taylor's Disney friend Selena Gomez will make a movie together called Monte Carlo, acting as couple, they might "share boyfriend."

This would not be the first time something like this happens between the two, now that Selena dated Taylor Lautner in spring 2009, and some months later, while co-starring in the movie Valentine's Day, both Taylors had a confirmed relationship. I hope it doesn't interfere with their friendships, because they are both very special persons. So now that another boy is present and both girls might be into him, will they share boyfriend again? Something tells me they like the same type of boys!

"Here’s where it gets juicy: Cory recently tweeted that he will be co-starring with Gomez in his first feature film, Monte Carlo. “Exciting news!! I’m doing a movie!!,” the 27–year-old Glee star wrote on his Twitter page April 8th (Daily Fill)."

So, apart from her love life, Taylor is also being extremely successful in her music career. Her 2010 tour is going great. Just for if you want to know, you can check out a review of her concert at HP Pavilion here. This is part of what it says: "Her singing voice was clear and on pitch, and in response to the skeptical, clearly not lip-synced. Her vocal range is limited and she plays it safe for the most part, sticking closely to her recorded performances, but when she's in her comfort zone, her voice has a sweet, airy tone that works nicely to support the music she writes (San Francisco Chronicle)."

Saturday, April 10

Guess What? More Awards :)

Ok so, Im guessing you know what this post is for based on the title; Taylor is nominated for more awards! This time they are from the awards of Country Music Television (CMT). She was nomminated for three awards, including "You Belong With Me", nominated for Video of the Year and Female Video of the Year, and Taylor's duet with Kellie Pickler, "Best Days of Your Life", nominated for Collaboration Video of the Year! So what are you waiting for! Help Taylor by voting every day! VOTE NOW!

Apart from that, Taylor made $17.2 Million Dollars last year! She will be appearing in the cover of tomorrow's edition of Parade Magazine for the annual "What People Earn" salary report. She is only 20, and she is already making more than $17 million per year. Taylor and the other "18 celebrities featured in this year's issue made 450 times more money than the "regular" people profiled (WSMV)." So everything is going really good for this star lately.

Something else was that Rachel, the millionth fan to come to this tour, and who had come to her third concert now, was surprised by the team and taken backstage to meet Taylor. "After a private meet and greet with Taylor, Rachel and her sister had their concert tickets upgraded to the front row (" In total, the tour will visit 87 cities in 53 states in 5 countries. Every show sold out. The North American FEARLESS Tour is produced and promoted by The Messina Group (TMG.) BYE!

Sunday, April 4

Vote for Taylor for Entertainer of the Year!

Taylor is set to win another award - This time she was nominated for ACM's Entertainer of the Year. Please go on and vote for her; she really needs your help! Taylor had to do a video for people to vote for her in this, so watch it! It's really funny! It's pretty self explanatory so...

Vote Taylor: ACM Entertainer of the Year! from Jordan on Vimeo.

Tuesday, March 30

MTV Movie Awards

Just some days ago Taylor won 2 Kids Choice Awards, and she is already nominated for another award. The pre-nominations for the MTV Awards 2010 are available already, and Taylor is nominated with Taylor Lautner for Best Kiss in Valentine's Day.

On May 11, some of the nominees will be disqualified, and the rest will be left to compete for the final trophy. The show will air on Sunday, June 6 at 9p.m. ET/8p.m. from the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City, California. That is why it is very important that you go and vote every day for her so that she can be in the final list of nominees!

Taylor Nails Both Awards

Remember Taylor was nominated for two Kids Choice Awards? Well, she won both: Favorite Female Singer and Favorite Song for "You Belong With Me".

Although she was giving a sold-out concert in Detroit, Michigan, when she found out she thanked the croud. Congrats Taylor (again)!

If you want, you can watch the video here:

Friday, March 26

Vote for Taylor!

I just wanted to give you a quick reminder that Taylor is up for many awards, including the new Great American Country (GAC) Top 20 Vote. So choose You Belong With Me, and vote for her! Just click here! It will premiere on Friday night at 8 p.m. ET!

Also vote for the Kids Choice Awards in the two categories I told you before! You only have until tomorrow!

Monday, March 22

Taylor Swift To Receive NARM’s Artist of the Year Award

Before I say the actual news I am here to tell you, I just wanted to remind you that Taylor is up for 2 Kids Choice Awards: Favorite Female Singer against Miley, Beyonce, and Lady Gaga; and Favorite song with You Belong With Me against Party in the USA, I Gotta Feeling, and Paparazzi; so please go to the Kids Choice Awards page and vote for her. You can vote every day until it airs on March 27, 8pm, so go and vote right now!

OK so back to work, NARM, the music business association, said that it will "honor Taylor Swift, Big Machine Records, with our Artist of the Year Award during the Awards Dinner Finale at the 2010 Convention (NARM)" Taylor had played in 2007 on the NARM stage in the UMGD Production Presentation in Chicago. She might join the list of artists who really become stars after appearing on the show, "including Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, N’Sync, and Josh Groban, among others (BussinessWire)."

In 2009, she became the youngest singer to even win both the Entertainer of the year CMA award and the GRAMMY Award for Album of the Year. In fact, she was the first female solo Country singer to win that award. As we already know, Taylor's "2009 release, “Fearless,” reached double-Platinum in just four weeks and was also voted 2009’s Album of the Year by both the Country Music Association and the Academy of Country Music. She is the top-selling digital artist in music history and had the number one best-selling album in any genre of music in 2009. “Fearless” was also the best-selling country album for both 2008 and 2009. (NARM)"

The presentation of Taylor's new award will be on Monday, May 17 in Chicago at the 2010 NARM Convention. The NARM President, Jim Donio, said: “We are thrilled to welcome Taylor back to NARM, and we are especially proud to recognize her extraordinary creative and commercial achievements with our Artist of the Year Award. She has made a brilliant and stellar contribution to the music industry in just a few years and we congratulate her on this much-deserved honor.”

Other artists who will be honored in this special occasion will be Melissa Eheridge and songwriting team Leiber and Stroller, with different awards.

In case you want to know:

About NARM: NARM (National Association of Recording Merchandisers) advances the promotion, marketing, distribution and sale of music by providing members with diverse meeting and networking opportunities, information and education resources, and advocacy for their common interests. NARM is based in Marlton, New Jersey.

Congrats Taylor! And again, don't forget to vote in the Kids Choice Awards! Time goes by fast!

Thursday, March 18

Fearles Becomes the Most Awarded Album in Country Music History

Taylor has had lots of luck with her Fearless album, as it is 6 times platinum, but now she can celebrate her luck, because it was named the most awarded album in Country Music history.

Taylor attended a private dinner yesterday in Nashville, where she finds out the exciting news.

Fearless has been the only album to win the Album of the Year and the Country Album of the Year Awards in the Grammys, the Country Music Association, The Academy of Country Music and the American Music Awards. In the private dinner, representatives from NARAS, The American Music Awards, The Country Music Association, and the Academy of Country Music along Scott Borchetta, Big Machine Records president joined to present as group and honoring to Taylor for all she has achieved.

Read the article:
"Fearless was released in 2008, and has won every album award in the country music genre; it was named all-genre Album of the Year at the 2010 GRAMMY Awards. Taylor, who turned 20 in December, was the youngest artist in history to win the music industry's coveted top prize and she is also the award's first-ever solo female country winner, and the first solo female winner in more than a decade. Taylor wrote or co-wrote every song on FEARLESS.

"We tend to always look forward when it comes to Taylor, but tonight it was time to stop for a moment and look back on one of the most successful music works of all time," said Scott Borchetta of the historic evening. "The eighteen months of our lives known as the 'Fearless' era have been history-making, euphoric and triumphant. The sales, the airplay, the accolades and the awards have all just been incredible. But most important to me is that my friend Taylor and her collective team of family, record label, management and her road family continue to raise the bar with work ethic, achievement and enjoyment. Dreams do come true."

Taylor was also honored at last night's event for:
  • More than 13 (notice how this is Taylor and my lucky number) Million in total record sales
  • More than 25 Million Digital Download
  • The 6X Platinum (6 Million) Certification of FEARLESS
  • FEARLESS as the #1 selling album in the US in both 2008 & 2009
  • The 5X Platinum (5 Million) Certification of Taylor Swift
  • The #1 and #2 positions atop Nielsen's BDS 2009 Top 10 Most Played Songs chart (all genres), with "You Belong With Me" and "Love Story" The #1 spots on both the 2009 Top 10 Artist Airplay chart (all genres) and the Top 10 Artist Internet Streams chart.
  • Her four most recent #1 singles ("Should've Said No," "Love Story," "White Horse," and "You Belong With Me")

This week also marks Taylor's 10th consecutive Top 10 Country single ("Fearless"), and with that she becomes the only female artist in the 66-year history of Billboard's Hot Country Songs chart to score at least five top 10s apiece from her first two major album releases.

Taylor is currently nominated for four 2010 Academy of Country Music Awards, including Entertainer of the Year, and tonight she returns to her home state of Pennsylvania to continue her Fearless 2010 Tour with the first of two sold-out shows at the Wachovia Center. Presented by American Greetings, the 40-date tour visits arenas and stadiums in 32 cities in 26 states and provinces in the US and Canada over the next 3 months.

A complete listing of tour dates is available at

Taylor is a four-time GRAMMY winner, the top-selling digital artist in music history, has had singles top both the Country and Pop radio charts, and had the #1 best-selling album in any genre of music in both 2009 and 2008. This year she became the youngest artist in history to win the GRAMMY Award for Album of the Year. Also at the 2010 GRAMMYs, she took home the awards for Country Album of the Year, Best Country Song, and Best Country Female Vocal Performance.

In 2009, she was named Artist of the Year at the American Music Awards, and also became the youngest artist in the 43-year history of the Country Music Association to win the CMA Award for Entertainer of the Year.

Taylor currently holds the Billboard all-genre records for most first-week downloads by a female artist, for the longest charting album of this century and for most Top 20 debuts in a calendar year, as well as the Billboard record for the largest overall airplay audience for a country-based act. (Big Machine Records News)"

Now that you know how many awards and certifications Taylor has won throughout time, you must understand why I am such a fan of her-she rocks (or country's in her case)! Although I am very proud of her, I'm definitely not surprised, because she deserves it!

Wednesday, March 17

What is Your Favorite Taylor Video?

There is a new TV show called GAC Superstar Sessions, from Great American Country where fans can vote online in polls about their favorite celebrities, generally about their videos. Then they show the results, which helps determine the top 10 videos of each artist. This time, the show put up the poll on Taylor's videos. You can vote every day, just by clicking here.

Here, you can preview all the videos if you don't know them yet, and vote once per day for your three favorite videos of her. Taylor has a total of 13 videos until now, and you can vote for any of your favorite.

The voting will finally end on March 29, and on April 6 you can watch the premier at 8p ET, where they will do the final countdown of all the videos. According to people who have actually watched the show before, "Taylor will be in the studio, talking about the videos and then the videos will play. It’s really cool so be sure to go vote! (Taylor Swift Web)"

I don't know if you care, but I personally voted for:
1. Fifteen
2. You Belong With Me
3. Picture to Burn

Vote now!

Oh and by the way, while you go out voting, be sure to also check out the other parts of the GAC website, like her fan photos, photo gallery, and the very difficult (yes, I got most of the questions wrong, so it IS very difficult) trivia challenge.

Sunday, March 14

Brooks and Dunn Tribute Concert

I recently found out that Taylor, alongside country superstars Jennifer Hudson, Jason Aldean, Lady Antebellum, Miranda Lambert, Brad Paisley, George Strait, Sugarland, Kenny Chesney, Rascal Flatts, Reba McEntire, Carrie Underwood and Keith Urban, (ET Online) will be performing in a tribute concert to support the duo Brooks and Dunn, who will be splitting up after their anticipated tour, "The Last Rodeo".

These singers will perform on April 19, 2010 in the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, the day after the 45th Country Music Awards. It will be presented by the Academy of Country Music (ACM). It will officially air on May 23, 2010 at 7 p.m. on CBS.

They will all do the concert to pay tribute to the band, who will be stopping and splitting up completely after their tour. Brooks and Dunn "will receive the Academy's Milestone Award for holding the record for the most wins of any artist in the Academy's history with 26 awards in total, including three Entertainer of the Year awards. (ACM)"

Also, they will be awarded for having the record for "most Top Vocal Duo wins, with 15 awards, eight of which are consecutive from 2000-2007. (ACM)" They have had 23 #1 hit singles, and they sold more than 30 million copies of their albums. Brooks and Dunn won more than 80 awards of the ACM throughout their singing career.

As said Bob Romeo, Executive Director of the Academy of Country Music, "Brooks & Dunn have defined country music for twenty years. With this all-star concert tribute, the Academy is honored to recognize Kix and Ronnie for their contributions to the country music industry, fans and to all the artists they have helped get a break in this business."

If you buy tickets, you would be helping the ACM Lifting Lives charity, which helps improve lives through music.

Before splitting, the country music duo wants to "go out with a bang. (Contact Music)" They will also be receiving the "Academy of Country Music's Milestone Award in recognition of their 20-year career (Contact Music)."

Tune in at CBS on May 23rd to watch this exciting tribute and see Taylor singing live with many of her country-music associates!