Saturday, May 1

Next Step: Covergirl

There is other news I really have to tell you about Taylor, but I have to tell the truth. I am not exactly that excited about it, not because it is not important, but because these types of things are just too common in the Taylor universe. And well, I guessed that if I already got a little bored with them then you might not care that much either. So I decided to tell you that news really fast first and then I will say the one I DO care about.

Here it goes. Taylor just finished shooting her first advertisements for Covergirl, and will represent a new line of luxury products for the brand. The ads are scheduled to debut in January 2011.

“With her fresh beauty and authentic style, Taylor is a wonderful addition to the COVERGIRL family,” said Vince Hudson, General Manager, COVERGIRL Cosmetics. “Through all her success, Taylor remains a grounded and sincere woman who connects with fans everywhere just by being true to who she is. She personifies the iconic image of the brand while representing the next generation of both inner and outer beauty.”

“I am so excited to become the next COVERGIRL,” said Taylor. “I have admired many of the COVERGIRLs since I was a little girl . . . great artists and actresses who are confident and still themselves. It’s like a dream come true to be a part of the future of COVERGIRL” (

The second news, which I personally find a lot more fun, is that there is kind of an application in the Cyber-shot website where you can "take pictures" of Taylor. A window appears when you open the website and Taylor tells you to take pictures. You can take six pictures, of Taylor with three different dresses and three different (but very similar) backgrounds. All the time Taylor is moving and dancing through the window and you move the camera until you want to take the picture and click. The image is saved, and when you are done taking all of them it asks you for your name. If you click get autograph then the picture appears saying "I Heart (insert your name here). Love, Taylor."

I myself thought it was pretty cool, so you might as well go and try it yourself! BTW thanks to Taylor Alison Swift Fans for the information!

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