Wednesday, April 28

A Hug from Taylor Swift

I am pretty sure you still remember Michael and Ryan, the guys from A Hug from Taylor Swift. Well, their dream has finally come true. Last Monday, when the students at Auburn University were singing the karaoke of You Belong With Me, Taylor appeared in a video saying how she would really like to be there and how she liked that so much.

Then, very randomly, she says "I have an idea!" and walks in through the door with a shirt that reads "A Hug for Michael and Ryan". After they both got their hugs, Taylor announced that she would give them from row seats to any of her concert, and she announced her surprise. Taylor had brought her band with her! So thanks to Michael and Ryan, the whole Auburn University was able to get their own private concert. Taylor blogged "So we might have flown to Alabama for a surprise show today.. One of those unforgettable days. Thank you Auburn!"
It was very nice what she did, and I think it was pretty cool that she made these two boys' dream come true. I wish I would get a private concert from Taylor!

Above you can see the picture of the shirt Taylor made to mimic Ryan and Michael's shirt, and below is a fan-taken picture of the event! Click here to see more, or go to the Auburn University page to see what pictures they took! And don't forget to watch the video of whathappened below!

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