Thursday, April 15

One Less Challenge To Go!

Remember Michael and Ryan of Auburn, Alabama? They are the guys who own A Hug From Taylor Swift. Taylor has been making some challenges for them, and when they complete them, they will both hopefully receive a hug from Taylor. Well, they completed the first challenge a while ago, and yesterday, they completed the second one.

The second challenge was simple; it was to use the number thirteen in a creative way. I liked this challenge because it gave them a wide space to be creative and do whatever they want, and because thirteen is my lucky number! =)

Right now as I write this post I have to tell you that I haven't watched the response to the challenge yet, so I'm as excited as you probably are! So, without further due, this is the video response of Michael and Ryan to Taylor's challenge! Hope you like it! And don't forget to come back and watch the response right here!

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