Wednesday, April 28

A Hug from Taylor Swift

I am pretty sure you still remember Michael and Ryan, the guys from A Hug from Taylor Swift. Well, their dream has finally come true. Last Monday, when the students at Auburn University were singing the karaoke of You Belong With Me, Taylor appeared in a video saying how she would really like to be there and how she liked that so much.

Then, very randomly, she says "I have an idea!" and walks in through the door with a shirt that reads "A Hug for Michael and Ryan". After they both got their hugs, Taylor announced that she would give them from row seats to any of her concert, and she announced her surprise. Taylor had brought her band with her! So thanks to Michael and Ryan, the whole Auburn University was able to get their own private concert. Taylor blogged "So we might have flown to Alabama for a surprise show today.. One of those unforgettable days. Thank you Auburn!"
It was very nice what she did, and I think it was pretty cool that she made these two boys' dream come true. I wish I would get a private concert from Taylor!

Above you can see the picture of the shirt Taylor made to mimic Ryan and Michael's shirt, and below is a fan-taken picture of the event! Click here to see more, or go to the Auburn University page to see what pictures they took! And don't forget to watch the video of whathappened below!

Monday, April 26

The Sony Commercial!

And finally... the Sony commercial I had been talking about before! Two videos in one day: it can't get any better! :) And I must say, the video is great!

"Demonstrating my fine athletic skills. And more. "

Here is the video I promised you! Sorry for making you wait!

Sunday, April 25

New Video Blog!

As you may already know by now, Taylor likes to post written, photo, and video blog. I personally like video blogs better. Lucky for me, she posted a new one! ... ... ... OK I finished watching it! It was amazing! At the beginning she plays basketball, which is my favorite sport, and then she just continues posting videos of what happened in her life since the last post. Seriously you should go watch it.

This is the commentary that came with the video:
"In this video, my prodigious athletic skills are showcased. Also, there is a Vegas wedding, baking a cake, Easter egg hunting, and one of my favorite parts of our 2-show stay at Staples Center. Song: She Band: Parachute (" So, you heard her! With all those amazing things in just one video, how can one NOT watch it? BTW, I just found out that the song was actually written for Liz, the girl who gets married in Taylor's video!

So, by now you might be asking yourself why you haven't seen the video yet, and might realize it is because I didn't put it! How come? Well, the very intelligent designers of the Taylor Swift website decided to put her videos in a page that is NOT YouTube, making it impossible for me to embed the video. If I somehow manage to illegally download and the upload the video to YouTube and then upload it, or at least to find it in some other source, I promise I will post it. Until then, I will have to give you only the link.

So go on and click here to watch the video! =)

Also, Taylor (or her design team) just recently changed her myspace layout, and it's looking pretty good! Don't forget to check it out!

Thursday, April 22

Taylor Will Appear in a Sony Commercial

I have to say I was really happy when I saw there was a new video about Taylor Swift. It had been a long time since the last time there was something important about Taylor, so that makes me really happy. It is probably because of Big Machine Records's desicion to keep Taylor in a low key until june, when they will promote her third album (yay!).

This new video is actually the behind the scenes of a commecial of SonyElectronics, in which Taylor will be featuring the Sony TX7 Cyber-shot camera, which will be out on Monday, April 26. In the video for the commercial, Taylor talks about Fearless, her next album, and "some of her favorite Sony TX7 features ("

Just FYI, some things about iSweep Panorama mode and the cameras: "Sony makes it easy to capture all your friends in one shot. Even if you have millions. Introducing the new Sony Cyber-shot cameras with iSweep Panorama mode. Just press the shutter and shoot the scene with a sweeping motion. The camera does the rest, capturing the whole scene easily. Beautifully." (

Here is the behind the scenes video! Watch it, and don't forget to comment about your opinion! Hope you like it!

Tuesday, April 20

New Taylor Greeting Cards!

In Taylor's sold out Fearless tour of 2010, the sponsor was a very special company called American Greetings. Today, American Greetings anounced a concert ticket giveaways in 10 cities from the United States. Greeting card enthusiasts and Taylor fans can win or enter the competition by becoming a fan of American Greetings on Facebook."A random drawing of concert tickets and weekly prizes will be given away to support the exclusive partnership between American Greetings and Taylor Swift (" The contest will end on May 31, 2010.

Taylor's cards can help you to tell life and love stories, and they arrived in stores earlier this year. The line of cards really shows the creative style of Taylor, and how authentic her writing resonated with consumers of all ages. The success of the normal greeting cards are now becoming virtual, as new e-cards appear at American Greetings.

The designer at Ameican Greetings Interactive created e-cards to celebrate lovr, featuring music like Love Story and Fearless, and in the way reminding you to be fearless on your way to your next birthday. Right now, only five e-cards are available, and more are being added to the collection and will be coming in some short months.

If you want to check out the new e-cards online, go ahead and click here. Enjoy!

Thursday, April 15

One Less Challenge To Go!

Remember Michael and Ryan of Auburn, Alabama? They are the guys who own A Hug From Taylor Swift. Taylor has been making some challenges for them, and when they complete them, they will both hopefully receive a hug from Taylor. Well, they completed the first challenge a while ago, and yesterday, they completed the second one.

The second challenge was simple; it was to use the number thirteen in a creative way. I liked this challenge because it gave them a wide space to be creative and do whatever they want, and because thirteen is my lucky number! =)

Right now as I write this post I have to tell you that I haven't watched the response to the challenge yet, so I'm as excited as you probably are! So, without further due, this is the video response of Michael and Ryan to Taylor's challenge! Hope you like it! And don't forget to come back and watch the response right here!

Tuesday, April 13

Will Selena and Taylor Share Another Boyfriend?

First off, today is my birthday! I don't know if you noticed but it's the 13th today! That is part of why 13 is my lucky number also. I can't believe we were both born on a thirteenth! Ok so, back to reality.

Sorry I haven't posted in a while; there is not much different from what I said before, just the usual praises and good news about Taylor's growing career. Anyways, here is some news.

It is rumored, as I have said before, that Taylor and Cory Monteith, from the hit TV show Glee, were dating. Because Cory and Taylor's Disney friend Selena Gomez will make a movie together called Monte Carlo, acting as couple, they might "share boyfriend."

This would not be the first time something like this happens between the two, now that Selena dated Taylor Lautner in spring 2009, and some months later, while co-starring in the movie Valentine's Day, both Taylors had a confirmed relationship. I hope it doesn't interfere with their friendships, because they are both very special persons. So now that another boy is present and both girls might be into him, will they share boyfriend again? Something tells me they like the same type of boys!

"Here’s where it gets juicy: Cory recently tweeted that he will be co-starring with Gomez in his first feature film, Monte Carlo. “Exciting news!! I’m doing a movie!!,” the 27–year-old Glee star wrote on his Twitter page April 8th (Daily Fill)."

So, apart from her love life, Taylor is also being extremely successful in her music career. Her 2010 tour is going great. Just for if you want to know, you can check out a review of her concert at HP Pavilion here. This is part of what it says: "Her singing voice was clear and on pitch, and in response to the skeptical, clearly not lip-synced. Her vocal range is limited and she plays it safe for the most part, sticking closely to her recorded performances, but when she's in her comfort zone, her voice has a sweet, airy tone that works nicely to support the music she writes (San Francisco Chronicle)."

Saturday, April 10

Guess What? More Awards :)

Ok so, Im guessing you know what this post is for based on the title; Taylor is nominated for more awards! This time they are from the awards of Country Music Television (CMT). She was nomminated for three awards, including "You Belong With Me", nominated for Video of the Year and Female Video of the Year, and Taylor's duet with Kellie Pickler, "Best Days of Your Life", nominated for Collaboration Video of the Year! So what are you waiting for! Help Taylor by voting every day! VOTE NOW!

Apart from that, Taylor made $17.2 Million Dollars last year! She will be appearing in the cover of tomorrow's edition of Parade Magazine for the annual "What People Earn" salary report. She is only 20, and she is already making more than $17 million per year. Taylor and the other "18 celebrities featured in this year's issue made 450 times more money than the "regular" people profiled (WSMV)." So everything is going really good for this star lately.

Something else was that Rachel, the millionth fan to come to this tour, and who had come to her third concert now, was surprised by the team and taken backstage to meet Taylor. "After a private meet and greet with Taylor, Rachel and her sister had their concert tickets upgraded to the front row (" In total, the tour will visit 87 cities in 53 states in 5 countries. Every show sold out. The North American FEARLESS Tour is produced and promoted by The Messina Group (TMG.) BYE!

Sunday, April 4

Vote for Taylor for Entertainer of the Year!

Taylor is set to win another award - This time she was nominated for ACM's Entertainer of the Year. Please go on and vote for her; she really needs your help! Taylor had to do a video for people to vote for her in this, so watch it! It's really funny! It's pretty self explanatory so...

Vote Taylor: ACM Entertainer of the Year! from Jordan on Vimeo.