Sunday, April 25

New Video Blog!

As you may already know by now, Taylor likes to post written, photo, and video blog. I personally like video blogs better. Lucky for me, she posted a new one! ... ... ... OK I finished watching it! It was amazing! At the beginning she plays basketball, which is my favorite sport, and then she just continues posting videos of what happened in her life since the last post. Seriously you should go watch it.

This is the commentary that came with the video:
"In this video, my prodigious athletic skills are showcased. Also, there is a Vegas wedding, baking a cake, Easter egg hunting, and one of my favorite parts of our 2-show stay at Staples Center. Song: She Band: Parachute (" So, you heard her! With all those amazing things in just one video, how can one NOT watch it? BTW, I just found out that the song was actually written for Liz, the girl who gets married in Taylor's video!

So, by now you might be asking yourself why you haven't seen the video yet, and might realize it is because I didn't put it! How come? Well, the very intelligent designers of the Taylor Swift website decided to put her videos in a page that is NOT YouTube, making it impossible for me to embed the video. If I somehow manage to illegally download and the upload the video to YouTube and then upload it, or at least to find it in some other source, I promise I will post it. Until then, I will have to give you only the link.

So go on and click here to watch the video! =)

Also, Taylor (or her design team) just recently changed her myspace layout, and it's looking pretty good! Don't forget to check it out!

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