Sunday, February 28

Love Story goes 4 times Platinum!

As said by Official Wire, Taylor's single Love Story became four times platinum, which means that it has been sold more than 4,000,000 times in the United States.

The song love story appeared in her album Fearless, and is about forbidden love. It is actually Romeo and Juliet with a happy spin in the end, which says that they married with her father's permission. Love Story has been a song that has appealed to critics as well as fans all over the world.

Apart from being certified four times platinum, Love Story is also now the most paid and downloaded country song in music history. It has been a song that created profit since the first time it came out. It was released as a debut single in Fearless, Taylor's sophomore album, in 2008. It is also one of the best selling songs in the United States on iTunes.

It is also very popular internationally, as it was the first song to be in the Top 10 in iTunes from the United Kingdom since Shania Twain with her single Party for Two in 2004.

It has also had a great impact in Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Venezuela, and obviously, Colombia. Taylor was one of the best in the Top RIAA Certifications with 25.

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Wednesday, February 24

Give it up for Mike Hammond!

Yesterday, February 23, manager Mike Hammond from WIVK-FM Operations was inducted into the Country Music DJ and Radio Hall of Fame.

What no one knew was that country superstar Taylor Swift was going to have the honor of inducting him into this hall of fame.

Taylor gave a 6 minute speech talking about how she had met Mike, and how he had given her the opportunity to play in his show when she was only fifteen. She gave a very inspiring speech, and very funny at times. Taylor always gives this sort of cute impression when she talks. It must be her beautiful personality!

About the induction speech, said:

"Looking stunning in a short black cocktail dress, Taylor took the stage to welcome Mike Hammond from WIVK in Knoxville, Tenn., to the DJ and Radio Hall of Fame. Commenting that she had been to Kinkos earlier in the day, Taylor surprised Mike with a nearly life size poster of a photo she had taken with him during her first visit to WIVK.

“I think in life the way you look at things is largely based on your first impression. My first impression of country radio came in 2005 when I walked into WIVK in Knoxville,” Taylor told the crowd. “That was the day that I met Mike Hammond for the first time and it’s my memories of that day that make me so incredibly happy and honored to be the one up here inducting him into the Country Radio Hall of Fame.”

In a lengthy and heartfelt speech, Taylor recounted the veteran broadcaster’s career accomplishments and spoke warmly of his family, calling each member by name. She recalled her first visit to the station and how he had put a then unknown, high school sophomore on the air. “I was just floored because I wasn’t expecting to get put on the radio. I didn’t have a single out. I was so excited,” she recalled. “And minutes later, I was on the radio, playing my song in afternoon drive. I talked about it for weeks after that and I’m still taking about it now.

“I’ve thought about it a lot over the years: Why Mike would put me on the air? This kid who had never been on the radio before,” Taylor continued. “I think it was because Mike started in radio when he was 15 years old. Back then someone gave him a chance and so he gave one to me.”

Taylor mentioned that she had recently talked to Kenny Chesney about Mike and he too had fond memories. “Kenny told me that his favorite thing about Mike Hammond is that he’s ‘made extraordinary things happen to an ordinary person from East Tennessee’ and he wanted me to tell Mike that tonight.”"

That was basically all that happened, but check out the video yourself!

Tuesday, February 23

Taylor's New MySpace Blog

Just this morning Taylor posted a new photo blog with her pictures from Japan and Australia! She wrote some detailed opinions on each photograph, and she explained it all!

There are pictures pf the background, of herself, of the tour, of her friends... As she said on Twitter, "I've been up since 5!"

There is nothing much to say really, only that if her singing/acting/modeling career goes wrong, she could become a professional photographer!

Check the pictures out here.

Saturday, February 20

It All Comes Down to Love

“Valentine's Day. It comes every year whether you like it or not. It's the day when your love life is put on display. Where there is always a chance for romance... or disaster. It could be confusing, it could be complicated, but at the end of the day, it's all about love. (Valentine’s Day 2010)”

With this very line we are finally introduced to Valentine's Day; the 2010 movie that broke hearts, opened hope, and made more than one have a memorable day - one of those being me. For some, this movie was bad news, for others, it was something to talk about for months. What? You don't know where you stand in this debate? Well, that's what I'm here for.

The first thing you have to know in order to understand my review, is that I am a Taylor Swift fan. An obsessive, weird, enjoy-anything-as-long-as-she-is-in-it-no-matter-how-bad Taylor Swift fan. Well, you might have inferred by now that Taylor was part of the cast of Valentine's Day. She didn't get a big role in it, but it was enough to make me wait eagerly for its release.

At the beginning, I was scared the movie wasn’t going to be that good, because I hadn’t really enjoyed it yet. It started with a clip from the trailer, so it didn't get lots of attention from me. Then, as soon as Taylor appeared for the first time (I'm a little biased here as you can see), the movie started getting better and better. Something I did not enjoy was the fact that all the characters had the exact same problem; they all were in love with someone who loved someone else, thinking they loved them back. Then, as I realized it all happened so that they could end up together, I loved it.

There were good jokes, good actors, and fluffy scenes. It was romantic but not over the top. Sometimes it was a little difficult to keep up with because of the excess stories (and the fact that I had to go to the bathroom twice), but all the stories were fun and they all managed to fit in together really well.

Even if for me it was one of the best movies out there, most reviewers didn't have many good things to say. They said it had too many good actors, so that there wasn't enough time to see any of them perform as much as we would like them to. Anyways, I think I know the reason why. It was not meant for them. The movie was made for teenagers falling in love who only care about seeing their favorite actors and actresses kiss. It wasn’t written for grown-up men who spend their lives judging movies and it definitely wasn’t made for people who care if the scenery was good or if the script was professional and well written. It was more than predictable that these men wouldn’t like it, so there is no reason for developing your opinion based on theirs.

As far as Taylor goes, I do admit she isn't the greatest actress out there, but I think she is really talented. Her scenes weren't that difficult to act because her character was a dumb, uncoordinated, and in-love teenager, which comes naturally for us girls.Some say it looked like she was trying too hard and that it didn't seem natural, but I think it was just part of her role to seem lost. I think she had a special chemistry with her character's boyfriend Willy, played by Taylor Lautner.

So basically, from my Taylor fan perspective, the movie was awesome. I recommend it to everyone who is into chick flicks, romance movies, or who wants to spend a good evening laughing at jokes, crying over break-ups, or just hoping that they will someday find love too.

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Wednesday, February 17

Fearless Video Came Out Today!!!!!!!!!!

We had been waiting for the video of this single, Fearless, to come out for a LONG time. I don't know you, but at least I was!

Well, finally, here it is! You can't imagine my happiness when I was looking for some new Taylor gossip and I saw it, bright in the middle of the darkness, the awesome sign that said “Fearless” Music Video!

I'm sure it's an official video, because it came out on the Country Music web page, CMT. If you want, you can watch it there clicking here.

Honestly, I thought it was going to be a better video, as I found out it's not in the best quality possible and it is composed of many clips from her tours, but it's still an awesome video, from my fanatic point of view!!

Check it out yourself, and don't forget to comment with your opinion on this new video!!

Sunday, February 14

Valentine Fail?

The movie that contained Taylor's acting debut, Valentine's Day, just came out on Friday, but it seems like no one really liked it. I haven't watched the movie myself, but I'm planning to watch it sometime this week. For now, all we have are the reviews.

The majority of the movie reviewers have the same opinion about it: too many actors, too little fun. Valentine's day was crouded with famous faces, including Jessica Alba, Kathy Bates, Jessica Biel, Bradley Cooper, Patrick Dempsey, Jamie Foxx, Jeniffer Garner, Anne Hathaway, Ashton Kutcher, Queen Latifah, Taylor Lautner, and of course, Taylor Swift. Still, many people say this movie was terrible. It didn't make anyone laugh, it was way too predictable, and it just didn't have any point to it.

According to News Blaze, "this relatively-dreadful endeavor fails miserably in its attempt to generate the same sort of magic." USA Today said "Valentine's Day has all the awkward tedium of a bad first date, without the promise or excitement of a good one."

Mostly everything these people had to say was that this movie was a vague attemp of Love Actually , but failed.

Still, there are some reviewers who say it's good, and the majority of teenagers, which where who the movie was aimed for, say they liked it. Seems like most teens don't care if the movie does or doesn't have a point, as long as they get to see their favorite stars. Also, the movie sold a lot in its first weekend.

As said by Reuters, "...[Valentine's Day] wooed moviegoers to the tune of $52.4 million by Sunday on a long holiday weekend in the United States." And "is expected to claim the weekend's box-office crown with $45 million or more in domestic receipts."

If it was that bad, then why did so many people turn out to see it?? Well, I guess I'll have to go watch it and find out.

Here is a review as given by ClevverTV:

Wednesday, February 10

Valentine's Day Preview

As you may already know, Taylor Swift has a small role in the new movie Valentine's Day, coming to theaters in the United States on February 12. Some fans (like me) might be dissapointed, because apparently her role is really small, she has 4 scenes only, in which two of them are shorter than a minute. Still, it's a really good opportunity for her, and the soundtrack of the movie includes her newest song, Today was a fairytale.

Taylor really does a great job at showing us her artistic abilities in these short clips. Although we had already seen her act in person at Saturday Night Live, in this movie we can really see her "inner geek", as CMT News said.

We really do expect to see a lot of Taylor in this movie, and from the clip I added below, we can see that it will most probably not dissapoint us. Taylor is a very talented young girl, as she isn't only a composer and a singer, but as we newly found out, she is also an actress, and a very good one!!

By the way something you might not have noticed: Taylor Lautner's character in the movie is the player number 13, and the news interviewer guy in the movie has a microphone with the number 13 on it, which is actually Swift's real lucky number!

Tuesday, February 9

Taylor is making a third album!

Most singers fear being swept down from the spotlight. Instead, Taylor is afraid of being "overexposed". Scott Borchetta, who runs Taylor's label, Big Machine Records, said that they planned the Australian tour exactly for the purpose of taking Taylor out of the continent for a while, so that people don't hear too much about her and get fed up. He added that they were going to hide Taylor for a while, at least until April, when she will probably perform at the Academy of Country Music Awards.

He said that until that time, "we're going to have a new video, but as far as the talking head of Taylor Swift, that one's gone into hiding for a little bit, at least on this continent."

We are all very excited, because in the mean time, Taylor will be putting together her third album, which she already wrote. She has been writting a lot these past months, and if she writes some other good song soon, they will also include it in the album. They will first realease a single in the summer or fall, and then the whole album will follow a little later in the year.

Something else that Taylor has to worry about is critics, but with her amazong voice, she has nothing to worry about!!

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Saturday, February 6


Hi. I am Andrea, and as you might have already inferred, I am a Taylor Swift fan.
This blog was created mostly to keep you updated on what is going on in Taylor Swift's life. I will update almost every day, so you will be kept posted on every new thing. From videos, pictures, songs, and gossip, you can find everything about Taylor Swift in this blog.
Right now you might be thinking, wait, who is Taylor Swift?
Well, if you want to know the answer to this question, you are on the right place.

Taylor Alison Swift was born on December 13, 1989, in Pennsylvania, but she grew up in a Christmas tree farm in Tennessee. She is a song writer, singer, and actress, and she has become very successful. Since the age of 11, when a computer technician taught her to play the guitar, Taylor has been obsessed with music. She used every opportunity she had to sing; she sang every week on karaoke and in school activities. She wanted to have a record deal, so she made a CD with herself singing the karaoke of other songs. She left them in every record dealer she could find, but they never called her back. She pressured her parents until the whole family moved to Nashville, were a record deal called Big Machine Records saw her singing and liked her voice one day. Up until now, Taylor has continued working with the same record deal. She made her first CD, which was self titled, and since that moment on, Taylor’s life as a celebrity has just kept on improving. She released her second album, Fearless, and the Fearless Platinum Edition, and people all over the world buy her songs every day. She is also currently working on movies like Valentine’s Day, and she has acted in shows like CSI. She has had a rather difficult love life, but they are just more and more reasons to continue writing the love songs that have been such a great hit around the world. Last thing we knew, Taylor won four Grammy’s, including the most precious, Album of the year for Fearless.
Taylor is loved by millions of teens and adults around the globe, and we all know her life will just continue being better and better every day.

I hope you like my blog!