Wednesday, February 10

Valentine's Day Preview

As you may already know, Taylor Swift has a small role in the new movie Valentine's Day, coming to theaters in the United States on February 12. Some fans (like me) might be dissapointed, because apparently her role is really small, she has 4 scenes only, in which two of them are shorter than a minute. Still, it's a really good opportunity for her, and the soundtrack of the movie includes her newest song, Today was a fairytale.

Taylor really does a great job at showing us her artistic abilities in these short clips. Although we had already seen her act in person at Saturday Night Live, in this movie we can really see her "inner geek", as CMT News said.

We really do expect to see a lot of Taylor in this movie, and from the clip I added below, we can see that it will most probably not dissapoint us. Taylor is a very talented young girl, as she isn't only a composer and a singer, but as we newly found out, she is also an actress, and a very good one!!

By the way something you might not have noticed: Taylor Lautner's character in the movie is the player number 13, and the news interviewer guy in the movie has a microphone with the number 13 on it, which is actually Swift's real lucky number!

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