Tuesday, February 9

Taylor is making a third album!

Most singers fear being swept down from the spotlight. Instead, Taylor is afraid of being "overexposed". Scott Borchetta, who runs Taylor's label, Big Machine Records, said that they planned the Australian tour exactly for the purpose of taking Taylor out of the continent for a while, so that people don't hear too much about her and get fed up. He added that they were going to hide Taylor for a while, at least until April, when she will probably perform at the Academy of Country Music Awards.

He said that until that time, "we're going to have a new video, but as far as the talking head of Taylor Swift, that one's gone into hiding for a little bit, at least on this continent."

We are all very excited, because in the mean time, Taylor will be putting together her third album, which she already wrote. She has been writting a lot these past months, and if she writes some other good song soon, they will also include it in the album. They will first realease a single in the summer or fall, and then the whole album will follow a little later in the year.

Something else that Taylor has to worry about is critics, but with her amazong voice, she has nothing to worry about!!

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