Wednesday, February 17

Fearless Video Came Out Today!!!!!!!!!!

We had been waiting for the video of this single, Fearless, to come out for a LONG time. I don't know you, but at least I was!

Well, finally, here it is! You can't imagine my happiness when I was looking for some new Taylor gossip and I saw it, bright in the middle of the darkness, the awesome sign that said “Fearless” Music Video!

I'm sure it's an official video, because it came out on the Country Music web page, CMT. If you want, you can watch it there clicking here.

Honestly, I thought it was going to be a better video, as I found out it's not in the best quality possible and it is composed of many clips from her tours, but it's still an awesome video, from my fanatic point of view!!

Check it out yourself, and don't forget to comment with your opinion on this new video!!

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