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Hi. I am Andrea, and as you might have already inferred, I am a Taylor Swift fan.
This blog was created mostly to keep you updated on what is going on in Taylor Swift's life. I will update almost every day, so you will be kept posted on every new thing. From videos, pictures, songs, and gossip, you can find everything about Taylor Swift in this blog.
Right now you might be thinking, wait, who is Taylor Swift?
Well, if you want to know the answer to this question, you are on the right place.

Taylor Alison Swift was born on December 13, 1989, in Pennsylvania, but she grew up in a Christmas tree farm in Tennessee. She is a song writer, singer, and actress, and she has become very successful. Since the age of 11, when a computer technician taught her to play the guitar, Taylor has been obsessed with music. She used every opportunity she had to sing; she sang every week on karaoke and in school activities. She wanted to have a record deal, so she made a CD with herself singing the karaoke of other songs. She left them in every record dealer she could find, but they never called her back. She pressured her parents until the whole family moved to Nashville, were a record deal called Big Machine Records saw her singing and liked her voice one day. Up until now, Taylor has continued working with the same record deal. She made her first CD, which was self titled, and since that moment on, Taylor’s life as a celebrity has just kept on improving. She released her second album, Fearless, and the Fearless Platinum Edition, and people all over the world buy her songs every day. She is also currently working on movies like Valentine’s Day, and she has acted in shows like CSI. She has had a rather difficult love life, but they are just more and more reasons to continue writing the love songs that have been such a great hit around the world. Last thing we knew, Taylor won four Grammy’s, including the most precious, Album of the year for Fearless.
Taylor is loved by millions of teens and adults around the globe, and we all know her life will just continue being better and better every day.

I hope you like my blog!

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