Wednesday, March 17

What is Your Favorite Taylor Video?

There is a new TV show called GAC Superstar Sessions, from Great American Country where fans can vote online in polls about their favorite celebrities, generally about their videos. Then they show the results, which helps determine the top 10 videos of each artist. This time, the show put up the poll on Taylor's videos. You can vote every day, just by clicking here.

Here, you can preview all the videos if you don't know them yet, and vote once per day for your three favorite videos of her. Taylor has a total of 13 videos until now, and you can vote for any of your favorite.

The voting will finally end on March 29, and on April 6 you can watch the premier at 8p ET, where they will do the final countdown of all the videos. According to people who have actually watched the show before, "Taylor will be in the studio, talking about the videos and then the videos will play. It’s really cool so be sure to go vote! (Taylor Swift Web)"

I don't know if you care, but I personally voted for:
1. Fifteen
2. You Belong With Me
3. Picture to Burn

Vote now!

Oh and by the way, while you go out voting, be sure to also check out the other parts of the GAC website, like her fan photos, photo gallery, and the very difficult (yes, I got most of the questions wrong, so it IS very difficult) trivia challenge.

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