Wednesday, March 10

Taylor dating Cory?

Some months ago, we received the news that Taylor and Cory Monteith, from Glee, might be secretly dating. As time went by and no one else said anything about it, we all thought it was just mere gossip.

Anyways, I was searching Taylor news to post you in when I saw something that caught my eye: more and more sources confirm the romance! And even MTV, which I would say is a reliable source, has admitted it.

It seems like they are doing a really good job at hiding the relationship; Taylor is "actually pretending not to be interested in Cory so her mother doesn't scare him off!" says MTV.

The first time they were seen together was in the Grammy's, and it seems as if they are serious. Maybe they are hiding, but I think they would make a really cute couple, and so does my friend. =)

Even if she doesn't want to tell her mother, Andrea Swift, some sources says she is telling her friends "she sees 'real romantic possibilities' with him.”

The problem is, when Taylor was asked who she thinks is the hottest boy in the world 3 days ago, she said: “Um, well ... Taylor Lautner.”

I guess Cory has a strong competition doesn't he?? =)

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